Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Disbursement of ARDI Support Funding

Friday, March 25, 2016
To all ARDI Team Managers with teams advancing to Global Finals 2016
Copy to ARDI BOD and Coordinators
Each ARDI 1st Place team advancing to Global Finals 2016 will receive a $1000 credit to their online registration account.
Wildcard teams do not receive ARDI funding.
These funds are provided by Arkansas Destination Imagination, Inc. and are applied conditionally.
This may sound like an easy exercise in transferring funds but it is not.
We have to operate under the bookkeeping rules of DIHQ.
The funds cannot be applied to individual teams at different times.
The funds must be applied to the 16 receiving teams all at once.
The funds cannot be applied as down payment or as an over payment. Therefore, the funds must be applied after all teams have started their online registration and made their $1500 down payment AND before their total payment is made.
It has been my plan to make all of this come together on Friday, April 1, 2016. I am depending on each of you to be exactly in place at that time. If even one of the receiving teams is not ready, the entire operation is halted.
If you are a receiving team and have moved past the group and made your Total Payment, this will cause a disbursement problem for the ARDI funding. I will have to make special arrangements with DIHQ to resolve. Therefore, if you are a receiving team, please allow time for the process to work before you determine your final bill.
Here is the list of teams receiving ARDI funding:
103-69412 EL A Carver Magnet
103-71169 EL B Springhill Elem
103-74311 ML B Dunbar Magnet
103-03701 SL B Arkansas High School
103-35447 EL C Salem Elem
103-64271 ML C Bethel Middle
103-92991 SL C Greenbrier
103-40529 EL D Pine Forest
103-69120 ML D Pulaski Heights
103-75189 SL D Arkansas High School
103-42581 EL E Maumelle Charter
103-12787 ML E Greenbrier Jr. High
103-12722 SL E Greenbrier High School
103-96274 EL PO Bryant Elem
103-69642 ML PO Mann Magnet
103-89313 SL PO Genoa High School
Mike Mitchell, Director
Arkansas Destination Imagination
105 Midland St.
Bismarck, AR 71929

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